Staffshift Mobile

Here at British Nursing Association we understand how busy our Candidates schedules can be and now have an app for all the hard-working Candidates which can be updated easily. The major feature of this app is ‘Easy to use’.

It allows our candidates to indicate their availability for shifts for up to 7 days in advance which are split into the standard Early, Late and Night availabilities within the calendar. Our candidates are able to see when they are booked and easily see what additional shifts they may be available for.

Scheduling can take a lot of your time and energy. Fortunately, there’s a better way, download Staffshift Mobile now!

As a Healthcare Professional, you have many responsibilities, let our Staffshift Mobile application allow you to manage your diary more proactively.

When we are co-ordinating shift requirements with our clients it requires the utmost efficiency and timely feedback to our Clients. With our Candidates having a simple mobile application to ensure their availability is always current ensures that we will have the benefit of being able to fill shifts quickly.

  • Shift Planning of your availability for work which will enable The British Nursing Association to see your availability and call you for shifts according to your indicated preferences. The calendar will allow you to update for up to 7 days in advance.
  • Accessible, Staffshift Mobile is at your fingertips, log in and update your availability on the go which is an immediate update to The British Nursing Association.
  • Fast, friendly, helpful support from our offices, we are available 365/24/7.
  • Accommodate a variety of Staff, if you are a Nurse or a Caregiver this simple app will work for you.
  • System requirements, you will need iOS 7 or later and for Android you will need Android 4 or above in order for Staffshift Mobile to be supported by your mobile device.
  • Cost of the Staffshift Mobile application is FREE!

For Android you can Download the app now from your Google Play Store
For iOS you can Download the app now from your App Store

We are automatically sending invites for registration to Staffshift for British Nursing Association candidates in the next week, once you have registered your details you will be able to download Staffshift Mobile, log in with your Staffshift log in details and immediately begin to update your availability for work.

If you would like the invitation to join Staffshift sooner, you can inform your consultant and they will arrange for the invitation to be sent to you within 24 hours.

If you are not currently working with The British Nursing Association , this is another advantage for you to join our Agency now, with one registration you will be eligible for work with the 5 Agencies under the A24 Group.

Register now to take advantage of great work opportunities.