What nurses and carers say about us

I am an RMN who has worked with BNA for a year now and I have to say that as a self employed individual I value communication as a tool and facility for my success and the underpinning foundation of a good solid working relationship. BNA has been extraordinary and a brilliant agency to work for, given that I have electronic access to my training and compliance records, my availability diary and conscientious consultants who are able and keen to get you repeat work thus enabling me as a nurse to establish a good working pattern and beneficial working relationships with both my patients and employers. As a self employed nurse one gets anxious and concerned about revalidation, mandatory training etc but when you registered with BNA all this process is made much simpler and easy to follow and review. I myself have felt supported and I have been afforded work in various settings and areas that I have enjoyed and loved to work in.

The work I have got has been booked in advance and such organisation is key given the heavy demands on my life with a wife and 4 children at home. So many thanks to the team and to all who work tirelessly to make our working relationship seem seamless!
— Andrew (RMN)

I’ve been working for BNA for a decade now and find the agency exemplary in how it conducts its day to day business with me and the clinical settings I work in. I get good feedback wherever I go. BNA know about nursing and are professional on all levels. I feel a valued member of their contingency team. What I like most is my consultant at the agency, she is great! So professional. BNA know the type of work I like to do and is on the ball when it comes to bookings. I find my consultant very efficient, thoughtful and effective at how she represents BNA to me. I’m lucky to be working for such a good agency and I intend to stay with BNA until I retire.
— Gail (RGN)

I am really fortunate for working with BNA, they have provided me with a lot of shifts that i look to be doing. They are always asking me when im available for shifts, which is very helpful for me. The people there are really nice, polite and there when i need them. i have really and strongly enjoyed the experience I have had there. I am looking forward to the future with BNA.
— Kapinga (HCA)

Having worked for BNA for many years now. I can honestly say that they are the BEST.
Jo and Val who run the Portsmouth Office, are always on hand to help and support in any way that they can. Always
professional, reassuring and calm. If ever I have an issue, they will act as soon as they can to resolve the problem.
I am fortunate enough to know them both and have them at the end of the phone. When you pop into the office, we all have a chat and a laugh along with a cup of tea. Jo will ensure that training is supplied when needed and assist with any questions regarding updates. If she cannot help then she will always find someone/alternative resolution.

Well done Team BNA Portsmouth!
— Shirley (RGN)