BNA Helping Nurses since 1948

Since 1948 BNA has helped nurses & HCAs find temporary work with the #NHS and a range of other care providers. #FamilyFriendly local work, to meet family and other commitments.

BNA supports the founding principles of the NHS. We have a strong belief that a universally good standard of care should be available to all in the UK. To support this, it is essential that nurses and HCAs are available in sufficient numbers, and with the required skills, in all healthcare settings. The Association supports this by being available 24-7 to meet the shortfall in nursing staff.

Our consultants will take a call, at any hour of the day or night, to listen to each healthcare provider and understand the staffing needs. We then identify specific workers from our database, based on qualifications and experience. Where the client requires someone with previous experience of the healthcare setting, we will strive to supply a worker who has worked there in the past,

The Association supplies an efficient best-value service to all our clients: hospitals, GP, community healthcare staff and for other settings.

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