Bank Holiday deadlines - May Day & Spring

Dear Agency Worker,

Please take note of the following to ensure prompt payment during the upcoming May Day and Spring 2016 bank holiday periods.

Please make sure that your timesheets arrive at the Head Office by post (92-96 Lind Road, Sutton, SM1 4PL.) or email
( as follows:


End of Tax Year 2015/2016 - P60

Pay date 01 April 2016 (tax week 52), is the last week of the tax year 2015/2016.

We will be posting the P60s throughout the months of April and May. All P60s will be sent out by 31st May 2016 so please do not
call or email before as you will receive it by this date.

It is vital that the P60 is retained as it provides proof that payment of tax and national insurance has been paid for the period of

Thank you and Best Regards,

A24 Group Payroll Team


Dear Agency Worker,

Bank Holiday Deadlines GOOD FRIDAY AND EASTER 2016

Please take note of the following to ensure prompt payment during the upcoming Good Friday and Easter 2016 bank holiday periods.
Please make sure that your timesheets arrive at the Head Office by post 
(92-96 Lind Road, Sutton, SM1 4PL) or email ( as follows:


Good Friday                 20/03/2016                                           MIDDAY FRI 18/03/2016                                          THURS 24/03/2016

Easter Monday            27/03/2016                                            09:30AM MON 28/03/2016                                      FRI  01/04/2016

Please also note the following regarding the deadline for w/e 27/03/16

1. Timesheets submission – end of Tax year 2015/2016, weekending 27/03/2016 (shifts including Sunday 27 March 2016).

*Weekending 27/03/2016 is the last week of the Tax Year 2015/2016 so please ensure you submit all timesheets up to Sunday 27 March 2016
into us well before 09:30am Monday 28 March 2016 deadline (this may reduce the amount of tax you pay at the beginning of the new tax year 2016/17).
If you are working for the whole of the previous week, please send in your timesheets as you complete shifts rather than trying to send them all on the Monday morning following that week’s work. Due to the tight timescales Payroll will be processing timesheets as they come in, to ensure we can pay you promptly on Friday 1 April 2016.

2. Payroll – Telephone calls
In order to ensure we can pay you promptly, we need to notify you that we will not be taking Payroll calls on Tuesday 29 March 2016.
Lines will re-open at 9am on Thursday 31 March 2016.

Thank you and Best Regards A24 Group Payroll Team

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